D.N.F.T.® Lloyd Portable Table


D.N.F.T.® Lloyd Portable Table

  • 30" table height provides perfect balance of comfortable leg measuring, effective thrusting angles, and stability of table and patient.
  • Adjustable length ankle rest accommodates patients of all heights.

  • Tilt headpiece for effective cervical and upper thoracic analysis and adjusting.

  • Special add-on (w/velcrow) foot elevation piece for optimal prone & supine leg measuring. Enables leg checks on children and short adults.

  • New improved naugehyde covering for luxurious feel and durability.

  • New table design requires leg extensions (which are included) only on the front legs. The middle and back legs are solid and fold up directly for easy traveling.

  • Optional gray vinyl carrying case ($75).

  • A wide variety of colors are listed below (right).  The most popular choices have been black, navy, and madder brown.  Dr. John does not recommend Cardinal or Wine for doing D.N.F.T.

  • Weighs only 30 lbs.

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