2017 Orlando Advanced Seminar

This is a special 2 1/2 day seminar for those who have had some experience in practicing D.N.F.T. analysis and adjustment. It is also a requirement at least every 4 years for referral list status.

The Annual Advanced Seminar includes the very latest research and discussions of uncommon but important situations encountered by D.N.F.T. practitioners.

The most cutting edge D.N.F.T.® Master Meningeal™ adjustment will be featured, as well as the D.N.F.T.® Upper Cervical Reset™ , and "Finding the Major." These topics are discussed and illustrated with live demonstrations. Some time is scheduled for motor skills.

We have traditionally held these seminars in beautiful resort destinations, and arranged the schedule so that friends and family are encouraged to come as well. Over 60% of the attendees in the past have brought family or friends.

This year's seminar is planned for Orlando, FL. We look forward to this new location as a fun and exciting experience for us.

Seminar fee will include room (not including rm service or extra items), seminar, digital notes, and a group dinner. Fees will vary depending upon number of participants/family/guests per room, and room selection.  

Course fees will be published in the near future, so check back for details. All seminar room reservations are done through the D.N.F.T. Seminars office, including extra days.