D.N.F.T.® Lloyd Astro Elevation Clinic Table

DNFT Lloyd Astro Elevation 2016 sm pic.jpg
DNFT Lloyd Astro Elevation 2016 sm pic.jpg

D.N.F.T.® Lloyd Astro Elevation Clinic Table

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Dr. John collaborated with Dr. Lloyd Steffensmeier of Lloyd Tables to help to create a clinic chiropractic table of special interest for those practicing D.N.F.T.® Chiropractic, as well as other techniques that utilize diagnostic leg checks.

Noteworthy features of this table are:

  • Ankle rest that extends 13" with added padding for optimal balance in D.N.F.T.® supine & prone leg checks.
  • Electro-hydraulic system smoothly and swiftly lifts up to 450 pounds in 9 seconds without shudder or shake.
  • Range of elevation is 18" to 38".
  • Tilting headpiece with 8 adjustable widths.
  • Recessed paper holder.
  • Arm rests.
  • Special scratch resistant frame.
  • Takes a minimum of 60" of floor space. 21" or 23" width. Weighs 180 lbs.
  • Optional elevating headpiece and footpiece are available.


Order through Seminar Office. See seminar discount offer at end of form.

The most basic "D.N.F.T.®Package" starts at $3445 (less shipping).

Standard size: 21" wide (Dr John recommended) Narrow can be ordered: 18 1/2". The narrow version will not show as a dropdown option, so call our office if you wish to order this particular option. (no extra charge for this)

Foot piece: adjustable extension is standard, optional adjustable elevating footpiece can be ordered for $220 (recommended by Dr. John for D.N.F.T.® practitioners)

Head piece: Dr John has specified as minimal for the D.N.F.T. package, the "Adjustable Width, Tilt, add-on paper mount" headpiece.  A $130 extra "built-in" paper feature is desirable and is recommended by Dr John.
An additional headpiece"Elevation" feature can be ordered for $500 and is not considered necessary by Dr. John.  The main need for such an elevation feature would be the side posture correction of an AntEnmasse type Atlas - and this could be alternately accomplished using a cervical roll. Still, for the sake of convenience, it is an option.

Optional juvenile nose slot feature - now called "split chest with filler": (for short patients and children): can be ordered for $125 (recommended by Dr. John)

New optional feature!: a raising/elevating control with 3 preset heights. This permits raising and lowering of the table to preset heights without having to keep the foot on the control. Cost: $645. Dr. John comment: a very nice premium feature, but consider the cost/benefit and make your own choice.

Shipping: F.O.B., variable depending upon shipping destination. Approximately $200 to $300 for most destinations.

Be sure to order your D.N.F.T. Lloyd Astro Elevation Table through the D.N.F.T. Seminar office and receive a $135 rebate on next D.N.F.T. Seminar (good for one year after purchase).

Phone our office after ordering online to receive information on S&H charges for your customized table.  S&H charges charged separately through our office, not through our website.  

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