D.N.F.T.® Patient Gowns


D.N.F.T.® Patient Gowns

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We have a new DNFT custom gown with thicker and more durable 100% cotton, as well as a new manufacturer whose production embodies the very highest standards.

These  gowns not only meet the needs of D.N.F.T. practitioners, but are designed for all chiropractors who value a 100% cotton, high quality, comfortable, and durable patient gown.  

These are much improved over all previously available gowns, and now are in small, medium, and large size!  Our third generation of these new gowns incorporates a lower back opening on all sizes, so as to allow better access to the sacrum and sacral foramen.  In addition, the width of the large size has been slightly lessened in order to eliminate excessive size at the shoulders/arms and chest.

Medium is the size most often used, while large is for taller patients, and small is for petite adults and children.  There is some shrinkage.

All sizes are available.
Minimal order is 10 gowns.


  • 100% white cotton.

  • Cotton has a thicker, durable weave (more opaque)- and is both strong and acceptably light for laundering.

  • A lower cut on the back is better for adjusting the sacral area.

  • Velcrow is optimally oriented for patient comfort (soft side toward the skin).

  • The upper velcrow is long for more strength and functionality.

  • Each velcrow is stitched with both a box and cross stitch - more durability.

  • Cost: $24.95 per small size gown, $25.95 per medium or large size gown, plus shipping and handling.

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Please note:

  • Minimum order is 10 gowns.  Shipping charges vary and are calculated for UPS according to the order weight/size and destination. Handling charges also vary and account for packing materials and employee preparation only.
  • A certain percentage of the gowns may have a vertical seam in the front and back.  This is because of the layout of patterns on the fabric.  In order to avoid excessive waste and minimize cost, some single gowns are sewn from two halves.  They are equal in appearance, durability, and in every way equivalent to the single cut gowns.
  • Upon receipt of your order, we will Email or phone you with the total charges, which include S&H.