D.N.F.T.® Shoes


D.N.F.T.® Shoes


We now have shoes that are specially tailored for D.N.F.T. leg measuring.  All features that have been found advantageous for successful leg checks have been taken into account with the modifications that we have specified.

Dr. John has designed these modifications and personally inspects every pair for correctness and quality control.  We start with a pair of appropriately styled shoes that have a cushion insole for patient comfort.  We then add more heel for proper grip, add traction pieces for enhanced control, and have male Velcro sewn on both inner and outer sides, and include the female Velcro.


  • Each of our two shoe size ranges, 4 - 6, and 6.5 - 8 would work well for a majority of patient foot sizes, as velcrow allows a fit for even large feet with a small shoe. 
  • Size 4 to 6 shoe is especially good for doctors with smaller to regular size hands and patients with smaller to moderately large feet.
  • Size 6.5 to 8 shoe is additionally good for doctors with average to large hands and patients with regular to large feet, even though they are fine for small hands and many small feet.
  • Male Velcros are sewn (not merely glued) onto the shoe for durability.
  • Additional heel thickness has been added for grip control, especially with supine leg measuring.
  • The innersole is sewn and/or glued together at the toe end, to reduce delaminating or tearing of it. 
  • Traction pieces are glued near and on the heel for added gripping force from the thumbs.
  • Price is $155.00 per pair.
  • Upon calculation of shipping & handling we will Email or phone you with the total charges.  We calculate only the actual cost of S&H.
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