DNFT the original low force method

Directional Non-Force Technique® is the original low force method of chiropractic that was developed by the late Dr. Richard VanRumpt (1904 - 1987). Often known by its acronym, "D.N.F.T.," it is unique in conception and thought to be the fountainhead for many other low force techniques today.

Dr. VanRumpt, in 1923 while still a student at the National College of Chiropractic, became interested in a different approach to structural analysis and correction.  He found that a low force approach could not only be an alternative to the more forceful methods taught in school, but could even surpass them in power and results.

Dr. VanRumpt began teaching his method of analysis and adjusting to other doctors in the early 1940s and continued single handed until 1986. He authorized Dr. Christopher John of Beverly Hills, California to be his successor, and Dr. John has been further researching and teaching Directional Non-Force Technique to present.

Below is a quote from VanRumpt:

"D.N.F.T. is the original innate based non-force technique in Chiropractic. There are no cervical rotaries, lumbar rolls, bone popping thrusts, or in Palmer's words, 'playing piano on the spine.'

It is effective whether the patient is as small as a young child, delicate as an elderly lady, or large and strong as an athlete or heavy construction worker. It does not require long drawn out series of treatments to accomplish its goal.

It is not a conglomeration of assorted techniques, moves, or holds, but is chiropractic in its purest form." -Dr. VanRumpt