The VanRumpt Memorial Annual Seminar Scholarship

Directional Non-Force Technique Seminars® sponsors two scholarships per chiropractic college for a free D.N.F.T.® Seminar.  This scholarship is for students who have never before attended a D.N.F.T. Seminar.

  • A scholarship, good for one free seminar*, is offered for one lower term student and one upper term student. (For example, in a twelve-quarter curriculum, one student in terms 1 to 6, and the other student in terms 7 to 12). *Cervical & Thoracic, Lumbar & Thoracic, Full Spine Combo, or Extremity/Motor Skill - does not include Annual Advanced or Motor Skill Intensive

  • To be eligible, a student must submit a one-page paper on "Innate Intelligence in Chiropractic Diagnosis and Adjusting."

  • The essay shall contain ideas on chiropractic philosophy, history, technique, or any combination thereof. The student judged to have written the most insightful and thought provoking essay will receive the scholarship.

  • The final deadline for all essays each year will be April 30. The papers should be mailed, Emailed, or faxed to the D.N.F.T. Seminars® office.  The winners will be announced by May 15.

We would like this annual scholarship to be publicized to all students at every chiropractic college.  However, past efforts to publicize this via chiropractic college services and student body presidents and otherhave been unsuccessful. 

Therefore, those who can navigate to and find this page on the internet are the ones who will be able to participate!

The winners will be announced by May 15.  The scholarship consists of one free Directional Non-Force Technique Seminar®.   This seminar must be used by the end of the same calendar year or until May 15 of the following year - either a Full Spine, Cervical & Thoracic, or Low Back and Thoracic. This does not include the Annual Advanced Seminar, Foreign Seminars, or Motor Skill Intensives. The papers should be mailed directly to the D.N.F.T. Seminars. E-mail and fax are also fine, and may save time.

Communicate with our office if there are any questions with procedures. We wish you success in the contest and in your career in chiropractic.