Dr. John


Dr. John is the successor to Dr. Richard VanRumpt in researching, developing, and teaching Directional Non-Force Technique®. Dr. John first studied D.N.F.T.®  in 1978 while a student at Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon, from which he graduated in 1982.

In 1986, Dr. VanRumpt chose Dr. John to be his successor and personally trained and prepared him to take over researching and teaching of his beloved method of chiropractic. Dr. VanRumpt passed on in 1987. 

Since then, Dr. John has further developed and taught D.N.F.T.® Chiropractic to doctors and students through seminars in the USA and foreign countries. 

Dr. John has maintained a private practice in Beverly Hills since 1982. He also teaches D.N.F.T.® Chiropractic to doctors and students of chiropractic in the United States through weekend seminars. These are conducted on weekends at various locations and number between six to ten per year.