Any osseous or soft tissue which is out of alignment and producing nerve interference.


An adaptation or compensation to a subluxation. A distortion is the body's attempt to deal with the problem of existing nerve interference and should not be treated or "adjusted" directly. The body's Innate Intelligence created the distortion and will remove all or the appropriate amount when the subluxation has been corrected.


Is merely a thrust and not considered to be an adjustment unless the thrust succeeds 100% in correcting the subluxation and removing the nerve interference.


Is that which occurs when a chiropractic thrust succeeds in removing the subluxation and associated nerve interference.

Articular "cracking" or "popping" sound:

Joint gapping with the associated sound is no indication that an adjustment has been made. These sounds are associated with joint capsule fluid flashing into the vacuum created by separation of the joint. This sound indicates the sudden movement of a previously non or limited moving joint, and in our opinion, no more means a realignment of the spine than cracking one's knuckles means a realignment of the knuckles.

Correction of Subluxation:

First there must be a reliable pre-adjustment test to determine and demonstrate the existence of subluxation and nerve interference. Then a chiropractic thrust or procedure must be applied.

The post-adjustment test (which is identical to the pre-adjustment test) must be applied to demonstrate the 100% removal of all nerve interference.

If one does not succeed in proving the removal of all nerve interference, then one has not made an adjustment but has only made a thrust. D.N.F.T.® Chiropractic and X-Ray: X-rays are not employed to determine subluxations or to make listings.


Have value in determining osseous or soft tissue pathology, fracture, dislocation, anomaly, or demonstrate scoliosis, and for legal, insurance, and malpractice reasons when so indicated.

While distortion is evident on radiographic visualization, subluxations are often micro versus macro and may not be able be appreciated on X-rays. Even if misalignments were visible and contributing to nerve interference (which cannot be determined by the X-ray itself), there is then the issue of the sequence of correction that can only be dictated by the body, not the X-ray. This is why the body itself is the only reliable indicator of nerve interference actively produced by misalignments, not the X-ray.


Is simply a misalignment and not a subluxation unless it can be proved to be producing nerve interference by a pre-adjustment test.

Evidence of an adjustment:

The post test on the subluxated sturcture is negative. Only the body's reaction can determine this by way of challenge and D.N.F.T.® Reactive Leg Reflex™ test.

Innate Intelligence:

In traditional chiropractic philosophy, Innate is thought to be that intelligence in the body which is responsible for the functioning and well being of the individual.

In D.N.F.T. Chiropractic, Innate is far more than a philosophical concept, and we use Innate Intelligence to diagnose subluxations through the D.N.F.T.® Reactive Leg Reflex™ test.  We find that Innate:

  1. Demonstrates if subluxations exist.
  2. Shows exactly which structure is producing it.
  3. Show the precise listings (directions of misalignment) of the structure.
  4. By way of effect of the proper thrust, actually makes the correction of the structure.
  5. Demonstrates on post test if the subluxation has been removed and nerve interference eliminated.

D.N.F.T.® Chiropractic Basic Premise:

In the tradition of D.D. Palmer, find the subluxation, fix it, and leave it alone. No subluxation, no adjustment.